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Hua Yang AGM just did 3 things in 12th ILBF

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2019/06/14 15:12
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On April 1-3, 2019, the 12th China international lead-acid battery expo (ILBF2019) was held in Beijing international conference center. ILBF is a global professional lead-battery exhibition with a large scale and wide influence in lead-acid battery industry.


As Chinese AGM whole industry chain producer, Hua Yang industry was invited to participate in this grand event, presenting a full range of AGM products and professional solutions. In this industry event, Hua Yang AGM has done only three things.


Close relatives come from afar




12th ILBF gathered the world's leading battery industry elite, Hua Yang industry new gathered together  with friends.


 It's good to talk with each other. 


We feel honored to be here to feel the prosperity and development of lead acid battery industry. Leading lead battery manufacturers and R&D organizations from all over the world gather together to promote the development of lead acid battery globally with positive and unremitting innovation concept.


 Be honest and enjoy the occasion together.  


Join the lead storage conference of such a grand size, and show Hua Yang products and elegance to the world. This pride comes from the management and control of the whole industrial chain of Hua Yang AGM. We present the elegance and corporate culture of Hua Yang to our potential customers. Many customers come to the booth to learn about our company and products.



Hua Yang people pay attention to AGM with our positive and persistent innovation concept. We believe that our products will grow vigorously under the careful cultivation of hua yang people, more and more lead acid battery companies will fall in love with our products, we believe that this day will come soon.


 The wonderful moments of Hua Yang AGM on 12ILBF  


Help each other, enjoy together.









On April 1, 2019, the welcome dinner of the 12th international lead-acid battery exhibition was held in Beijing. Hua yang AGM was honored to be one of the sponsors of the welcome dinner. In this happy moment of toast, Hua Yang people felt very proud.

Zeli Wang, Secretary-general speech for dinner.




           GM of Hua Yang, Xiaoying Du host the lucky draw  part.  







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